Debugging Web 2.0

Tracing Rico's Simple Drag & Drop Example

This is where we start having fun and getting our hands dirty. For our first example, I've added trace statements to all of Rico's JavaScript GUI engine (http://openrico.org/). Rico relies heavily on the Prototype JavaScript framework (http://prototype.conio.net/), which I've also added trace statements to. Both of these frameworks are excellent and I would encourage you to look at them.

The blue trace statements belong to Prototype while the black belong to Rico. There is some slight performance degredation when tracing, but not enough to be of too much of a concern; however, you may find instances where you need to optimize your usage of jsTracer.

So go ahead! Start dragging the box around and watch the trace window. Be sure to right click traced messages and play around with the options.


Drag Me

Drop On Me
Drop On Me 2